Saturday, March 31, 2007

Le Kar Hari Ka Naam

It had to start someday somehow.For far too long I had resisted myself from the temptation of maintaining a blog of my own.Who will write,who will read....and all that.So while I kept visiting some of my friends' blogs and kept chancing upon some strangers' blogs,I couldn't help feeling that I can do with a blog of my own.However,every single time I used to think so,the same cobwebs used to return..."stop it Anand.No 1's gonna be interested in your stupid shitty boring life.What have you got to share anyway?Don't chance upon another time wasting pursuit and do something better and saner instead."And then my mind used to answer"Yeah,right..may be that's right..I better stick to myself and carry on with my work.".

Still,it always takes some impetus to get anything started.I got it yesterday I believe.There is this quaint colleague of mine,Vinod.Well,I am not going to start rambling about Vinod here,but I"ll tell you what happened yesterday.As the smaller needle of the clock was ticking past the digit 7 in the night,Vinod was getting restless.Yet again I was making him wait for a decent time when he wanted to leave ."Hey Vinod,just wait for 5 mins,we"ll leave together.." and all that.It was a friday yesterday and even I was starting to feel guilty about making him wait on this best day of the week.I quickly wrapped off my remaining work and sent those couple of customary mail to my trans-globe teammate and I was done.I happily swivelled and exclaimed "Hey Vinod,let's move".But to my utter astonishment, Vinod said he"ll take some time now.Now,this beated me.He never stays back to do some extra work and God damn it-this was a friday.What on earth had happened,cause he said that quite happily and seemed too preoccupied with something.Anyway,I thought it must be something to do with a particular acquaintance of his who always manages to make him wait in the office(that's another story,neglect it.The bottom line is - I thought may be this is not too uncharacteristic of him).Then,after some 15-20 mins I saw a crowd of 3 to 4 people huddled some distance across my cubicle(the printer was nearby).Vinod was one of them.When,I reached there he showed me his book.Yes,a book.He used to write short stories.All loser kind stories if you ask me,but stories nevertheless.I never seriously thought he has it in him to write a book on short stories.But,he did.He did what he wanted.It doesn't matter that this "book" is barely a neatly taken print-out of his stories from the office printer.I liked the simplicity of his ambition.He wants to be a writer and there are no two ways he thinks about it.I have also always wanted to write,well not to be a writer but to write.So why not you ass ;) By the way,just before starting this blog I again visited a stranger's blog(the link was there in a signature in a forum i visit).It was another fine clean blog and it subconsciously spurred me to actually lead thought to action.So here it goes,....Amen :)

Post Script -
1.Hey Vinod,if you happen to read this,forget any adjective which I may have used :)
2.I have taken my liberties with the language.There is no such word as trans-globe,swivelled and beated(not in google -> define:.. atleast).But,I hope you all understood what I meant.


Gaurav said...
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Gaurav said...

lol... good thinking dude... All the best... Writing ke liye skills nahi, passion chahiye (bajaj wala nahi :P :D)

G. said...


I want to be a rockstar.......... ok .........just a singer duplicating metallica singles like bleeding me, nothing else matters.........
damn but i am scared and dnt have a group.

Anand said...

Damn,pick up a guitar..join a class or don't if you want to and start..there is nothing which gives such bliss
I want to play 'Pehl Nasha' before Bleeding me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree that my stories are looser stories. But I would like to add that your writing is one of the finest ones and thought provoking

kaushik said...

is this g shriram??


Anand said... is shriram