Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casual Introspection

Since I may be 5 years too late for such a post but the adage 'it is never too late' may be true sometimes, here are some random facts about me -

1. I love walking. I mean yes, just walking.

2. I loved Friends. It has me laughing even now if I come across some old scene on YouTube.

3. Sometimes I just like being alone. Quiet and to myself.

4. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Harry Potter set of movies. The wizards and their world were magical.

5. Cricket is something I have never been able to detach myself from. The only thing that has changed is that unlike in my teenage years, watching it doesn't enthuse me much now. I get excited about playing cricket.

6. I like Music. I mean really really like. If there is nothing playing to my ears, there will usually be something playing in my head. My favorites? The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Indian Ocean and a lot more. And before you frown, I like a lot of Bollywood music too.

7. I am usually surrounded by gadgets in my bed when I am going to sleep. It is difficult for me to survive without them.

8. Thankfully, I don't have addiction to tea, coffee or any such thing yet.

9. I stopped reading newspapers many years back. I just hated the amount of gloom and nonsense they had. Google News has served me well enough since then and on some weekends I just read the supplements.

10. Attending Paul McCartney's concert was among the best things I ever did. I had a very good time.

11. I like going to new places, without planning for them. On some nice and free weekends, I will get on a random bus and go to the farthest place it can take me too. It is fun.

12. I have an appetite you may find difficult to digest.

13. My reading has reduced steadily over past few years. But, I still keep at least some book with me. At times, I need it.

14. I try to keep my surroundings clean. It is ok if my living room is messy, but I need the kitchen to be clean.


Swetha said...

Thanks for sharing :). What made you list it out?

Anand said...

Well nothing really, just had felt like writing it. It is probably carved in ironstone that if you have a blog, at some stage you need to do such a post.