Friday, June 27, 2014

The magic of a well made Movie

While I have been a little slow in acknowledging it, I think I cannot deny anymore that I like movies. A well made movie can captivate and leave me in awe. There is something very magical about a well made movie. It can move you, all for the better.

There was a tele series called Director's Cut that had aired in Doordarshan's DD2 in 2000. It featured a series of short movies made by some of the acclaimed directors of the time. It was a director's delight. They got to tell stories which were close to them but wouldn't have made to a full movie. Not because the stories lacked depth, but simply because the producers would not have seen the commercial worth in them. The show was far removed from all else that was being aired at that time. I can't think it could have been thought of by someone who was in it just for money and viewership.

There is one particular episode which has still stayed with me. Even though the details are not as vivid in my mind now, but the memory of how profound it felt is still there. I was not able to appreciate it as well then, but over the years I have. It was about a kid who grows up in a small town and most of the days helps the nearby theatre's projectionist with his work. Changing reels, playing them. He grows up, actually becomes a director and years later goes back to visit the man. And the projectionist who has now grown lot older, tells him over a conversation 'अच्छी फिल्में बनाओ' (make good movies). And the episode probably ended with the protagonist sitting alone in the theatre and seeing Madhubala singing Aayiye Meherbaan in Howrah Bridge, just looking at the mastery of the song's video. It was a short movie very well made.

PS - A Google search on it hardly returns anything now. Like it has got lost with time, as many good things do. Forgotten and waiting to be found again. Except, this very good post by another viewer who was moved by that show. He tells it lot better and it is an excellent read.

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