Wednesday, June 4, 2008

All Things Must Pass....But Not Beatles

Many things in life happen by chance and not by design.You just hit upon something and it stays with you.I once bought a Reebok shoe(and that was my first branded shoe) with my friend Shriram just because we happened to be together and sighted a buy 1 get 1 free kind of offer.None of us had gone out with any idea of buying shoes,nor were we impulsive buyers in those days(never mind the fact that we didn't have any money either).But we still somehow bought those shoes.Similarly,late last year I went to a barbecue party arranged by my office colleagues.I am not much of a party goer and generally try and limit them,but till date I am glad I went to this one.A lady had brought her boyfriend to the party and the boyfriend had brought his guitar.We all sat and sang as he played his guitar.And what is it that he was playing the most,Beatles my dear friends.I had seldom listened to Beatles' songs before that,but this chance encounter pulled me to Beatles.I returned very late to home,was dog-tired after the pollo(chicken in Spanish,pronounced as posho) and songs and drifted to sleep in no time.The next day as expected was a Saturday and besides several other things,it also gave me ample time to sit and just try and listen to some Beatles.Fortunately,I had put the entire Beatles collection in my iPod before leaving India.I listened,I chanced upon A Hard Day's Night and thought "Not Bad",listened to Hey Jude and didn't press the next key in spite of it being a 7 minute song,and then came to Here Comes The Sun and was hooked by then.I am still hooked.Here Comes The Sun did it for me : ),I have heard that song a thousand times since then and still feel like listening a thousand times more.I gradually started discovering more and more Beatles songs(the discovery still continues) and became a Beatles addict.Then onwards,there was atleast one constant in my life for next few months,listening to Beatles every morning in the office cab which took about 40 minutes to reach its destination.The cab used to make its way from posh Pocitos to the Carrasco outskirts,sometimes in sun and sometimes in rain,but Beatles always sounded good.

Why do I still like Beatles so much?I honestly do not know.You can understand people being fans of Pink Floyd,Metallica,Creed,Guns n' Roses,Rolling Stones or even Oasis.But Beatles!Aren't their songs childish and romantic,all of them?Yes,but I still like them.I think it is because their songs are so clean or may be so pleasant.They make you happy.Perhaps,simplicity is their forte,that is what made them click.They spoke of simple emotions and gave them sweet music.What is "Here Comes The Sun" but just the pleasure a person gets when he sees sun coming out after months and months of dreaded winter."Hey Jude" is just a plain old song asking a boy to go and speak out to his lady love."Norwegian Wood" speaks of the hurt inflicted by a girl who feigned interest,"You Know My Name" is just a two or three line song which speaks of the happiness you feel when you get to know that someone just knows your name,"In My Life" is a song of memories,nostalgia(don't we all have our own?).No wonder Beatles are so popular.They are huge in fact,Beatlemania is actually a mania.They are not so popular or well appreciated in India,perhaps because by the time English music really made it to India through the cable channels,their style was outdated,they didn't make heavy noise from their old looking acoustic instruments,didn't have any piercings or tattoos and never torchered their vocal chords.But Beatles are huge in Uruguay,a Spanish speaking nation.People there might not have have heard about Sir David Gilmour,but even today every knows about Paul,John,Ringo and George.I have seen old footages in YouTube of Beatles concerts,seen what happened wherever they went.Even today,Sir Paul Mccartney makes a news whenever he speaks,not for nothing.Beatles live,no doubt.They will live forever.

3 of my 5 or 6 favourite Beatles songs happened to be Harrison songs.Obviously,my favourite Beatle is George Harrison.Besides,Here Come The Sun is a Harrison song after all. : )

The weather has improved these days.It rains in the mornings,it rains in the night and at times it rains for a while in the day as well.It feels good to sit in my home in the night in the mildly chilled weather and surf,study,sip,whatever..For 6 months,the temperature will be just right though the rains will start getting onto my nerves in a few weeks from now.But till then,I can enjoy.Mid-May to mid-June is the best time to stay(not tour) in Kerala.Goodnight now,am off to something else and am leaving you with this.Let it buffer and listen in peace.


kaushik said...

I havent gotten around to listening to Beatles...from the little that I heard them, I like them...
George Harrisson is good :) (I think he has composed the music at ISCKON also! it just should be at one of their arati harrison will be singing hare krishna hara rama to some nice acoustic guitar and good drums :p

Anand said...

oh..gotta attend a kirtan now :p